Key Projects

Knut worked on several projects throughout his career, some of them outside the creative industries, like in banks or the pharmaceutical industries. But most of his endeavors are focussed on work in and around the games industry. Currently is mainly employed at the publisher 2tainment GmbH.

footballstarsAs consultant for Berlin-based Stryking Entertainment GmbH Knut has been part of the transition of a “classic” Bundesliga fantasy football game (Sport1 Bundesliga Manager / to the new daily fantasy platform The game is free2play and has a unique take on the fantasy football world by offering a long term progression, diverse challenges for daily games with unique goals, and a deep football narrative.
Knut developed the 2 premium-economy concept and monetization, the progression, and also identified changes needed for the daily transition, while integrating the manager mode, too. One of the main focus points for him was to create a very football-focussed narrative, so the strict game rules do not overtake the fun of the setting. He also was having a close look at the free2play aspects of the title and worked on a meaningful gameplay KPI monitoring for the new release.

Matchday – Football Manager

MatchdayIn his role as Lead Games Designer at Gameforge Mobile Knut was responsible for all the mobile game designs, but most prominently, his own game design project was a fitting one: Matchday – Football Manager, a very modern mobile football manager which in its core has an advanced ticker system and an intelligent and engaging football narrative designed to be a fan favorite. Unfortunately the game was canceled as of re-arrengement of the portfolio at Gameforge.

TERA Rising

TERA RisingKnuts last stop up to now in the field of publishing was TERA Rising, one of the most-awesome looking MMORPG worlds around, where Knut oversaw the complete transition from a subscription based game to free2play, closely working with the product owners at Gameforge and at the developer, Bluehole Studios. Knut took over monetization and gameplay assessment, created strategies for the European games market, and at the end was the interface between both companies on everything related to creative and game monetization.

AION free2play

AION free2playKnut began his work as Game Experience Designer on AION, an MMORPG legend developed by NC Soft in Korea and published as free2play-title by Gameforge. Knut had the privilege to mainly work on the communication of game contents to the user, closely working with all external communication teams and establishing new best practices for some of the creative processes.

Games Academy – Lectures all around

Knut is teaching Game Design, Level Design, History of Games, English, and Theory of Video Games at the Games Academy in Frankfurt. Also he is doing production and creative team mentoring for the practical part of the education: the student games projects. He looks back proud and sometimes is really happy when playing a game one or more students of him have helped to create.

GAMEplaces International – Organization, Contacting, Program Realization

For the “Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH”: Knut worked on the international conference for games and finance industries in his home-town Frankfurt am Main: “GAMEplaces International”: After helping out on the 2010 installment as well as the “European Innovative Games Award”: at the 2011 version he was focussed on getting speakers on board and help shaping the conference into an event nobody from the industry should miss.